Japanese Acers & Planters at The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event

Our new release for The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event from 18th September to the 10th October 2021.

After the event at the Soul2Soul Mainstore.

A collection of three Japanese Acer Tree varieties in weather worn Planters with two texture options for the planters.
For indoor or outdoor use.

Osakazuki (bright red palmate leaves) – Fatpack 7li
Katsura (acid yellow/green leaves tinged with red edges) – Fatpack 7li
Bloodgood (deep purple/red palmate leaves) – Fatpack 7li

Handcrafted mesh. Mod | Copy

Hope you like 🙂 Minnie ♥︎

“I adore these plants, i have a small collection RL. Used to have several mature ones, however a severe winter sadly killed some of them a few years ago. Building it again!”

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