Soul2Soul Highlands

Our custom built homes at Soul2Soul Highlands, each unique are each located on large private parcels with complete privacy. In addition each exclusive home has a large patio area and are beautifully furnished. As such the land impact of landscaping/ furnishings counts against the homes’ prim allocation here. Audio/media perms and high quality parcel-wide security, and use of the whole beautifully landscaped region. (Full rental info can be found at each region’s landing point.

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Glen Barn L$2595 p/w 500 li. Occupied.
The Bothy L$2595 p/w 500 li. Occupied.
Aran View L$2595 p/w 500 li. Occupied.
Cairn Cottage L$2595 p/w 500 li. Available. To view.
Ennismore L$2595 p/w 500 li. Occupied.

Updated 18th January 2019

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