Soul2Soul Tobacco Bay


Just six individual unique homes at Soul2Soul Tobacco Bay on large private parcels with complete privacy. In addition each exclusive home have large beautiful tropical gardens, drives and swimming pool.  Also audio/media perms and high quality parcel-wide security, and use of the whole beautifully landscaped region. Half the sim is landscaped and decorated only, and open to the public with a beach cafe bar looking onto Tobacco Bay. (Full rental info can be found at each region’s landing point).

These exclusive rental homes have large private multiple patios, swimming pool together with beautiful interior and outdoor decor.  Deco can be removed for long term tenants (4 weeks or more). The land impact listed is your allocation to use!
More prims available on request for L$100 per 25li.

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House Name Price li total
li to use Availability Location
Bermuda Breeze L$ 2395 p/w 500 li. 182 li. Available. To view.
Coastal Soul L$ 2395 p/w 500 li. 250 li. Occupied  
Blue Horizon L$ 2795 p/w 600 li. 282 li. Occupied  
Ocean Pearl L$ 2795 p/w 600 li. 350 li. Available. To view.
Dolphin Dream L$ 3195 p/w 700 li. 310 li. Occupied.  
Paradise Palms L$ 3195 p/w 700 li. 300 li. Available. To view

Updated 27th May 2023

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