Soul2Soul River (2nd gen) Now Open!

Soul2Soul is proud to announce the re-opening of our new public region, Soul2Soul River. To Visit.

Quintessentially English, the beautiful meandering rocky river stretches the length of this breathtaking public double region with quaint village, watermill and pub. Overlooking the riverbanks harmoniously set in english gardens lies unique exclusive Thatched Cottage Homes.

There’s areas to sit and relax and take pics, the village lane beside the church next to a babbling brook and boutique teashop. Stroll along the river path over the stone bridge where you’ll encounter the Riverside pub!

Soul2Soul River Rental Home Availability

This double region is a new iteration of the original Soul2Soul River that we closed several weeks ago. The original river was created back in January 2018 so it was due an update. I tinkered around with the old river but was never fully satisfied with the updates. It needed a complete overhaul and really had to start with a blank canvas again. Over many months of procrastination, we bit the bullet and spoke to the tenants and we are delighted that all of them were happy in one form or another with the decision.
We’re really pleased with the result and glad we made that choice.

I’ve used a plethora of SL’s creators products including flowers, trees, riverbanks and bridges, the decor buildings are not created by me and will never be for sale. I built the rental homes from scratch, created the paths, many of the grasses and flowers. It’s been hard work but really worth it, and hope everyone enjoys relaxing and exploring!

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