Soul2Soul Bay   


A beautiful public region loosely inspired by the beaches, villages and shoreline of Devon and Cornwall, England, with limited private Beach Home Rentals.
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Soul2Soul River


Quintessentially English, the beautiful meandering rocky river stretches the length of this breathtaking public double region with quaint village, watermill and pub. Overlooking the riverbanks harmoniously set in english gardens lies unique exclusive Cottage Rental Homes.
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Soul2Soul Highlands


An enchanting Isle inspired by the landscape of the Inner Hebrides islands basking off the Western coast of Scotland and the charming Isle of Skye. Season change (summer /winter) with uniquely custom built exclusive private Rental Homes.

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Soul2Soul Coast


Inspired by the quaint fishing villages and aquamarine ocean lapping the rocky coves and beaches of Southern Spain and the Costas.
With Mamma Mia inspired chapel and custom built exclusive Rental Homes.

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Soul2Soul Mediterranean


Nestled in the Italian Riviera coastline lies Portofino originally a fishing village with its small cobbled square overlooking its picturesque harbour with panoramic views. These days it’s home to celebrities and artists. Inspired by this area is a stunning public double region, with limited private rental homes many custom built snuggled into the hillside.

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Soul2Soul Rocks


A place where stunning coastal scenery merges with never ending beaches, wildflowers and the Pacific highway. Inspired by Southern California (SoCal) is this unforgettable public region with just three unique beautiful rental homes immersed in tropical oasis gardens.

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Soul2Soul Tobacco Bay


Tropical Paradise with soft white sandy beaches and lush flaura and forna is Bermuda’s Tobacco Bay, together with a cafe bar right on the beach. Just six unique beautiful exclusive homes set in abundant gardens with oustanding views.

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With freedom to enjoy your Second Life®️, that’s Soul2Soul!