Soul2Soul Bay   


A beautiful public region loosely inspired by the beaches, villages and shoreline of Devon and Cornwall, England, with limited Beach Home Rentals.
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Soul2Soul River


 A gorgeous public region quintessentially English, loosely inspired by the River Thames valley, its waterfront, villages and celebrity lifestyle, with seasonal change and limited Waterfront Home Rentals.
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Soul2Soul Med

S2S Med main rentalssign

Charming public region with quaint harbour village. Inspired by the Mediterranean villages and coastline of the Cote D’azur, Northern Italy and North Majorca with three exclusive charmingly beautiful Rental Homes.
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Soul2soul Falls

Soul2Soul falls main2

Stunning public region inspired by the breathtaking cascading waterfalls, terraced lakes and shores of Plitvice in Croatia. Seasonal with limited Cliff Rental Homes.
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Soul2Soul Highlands


Enchanting Isle inspired by the landscape of the Inner Hebrides islands basking off the Western coast of Scotland and the charming Isle of Skye.

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With freedom to enjoy your Second Life®️, that’s Soul2Soul!