About Us

We started out with a vision to provide a beautiful sim for everyone to hangout and enjoy,  whilst offering a wonderful place to live.

The generous compliments for the designs and build have equally overwhelmed and inspired us. We now have 8 regions with different themes. We have long-term and short-term tenants who appreciate and enjoy living in the scenic surroundings and a growing number of photographers and bloggers who love to visit.

At the Soul2Soul regions you’ll find many beauty spots to chill or cuddle with your loved one. Boone’s gacha village can be found at Soul2Soul Med. Soul2Soul Architecture & Deco has been launched with our first house release.

Our landscaping and design service has had a busy schedule since its launch and images and updates can be found on the main page and flickr stream.

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We believe in a fair and equitable service and as such all the rental homes we offer are clearly listed with transparency to pricing and prim allocation.

Minnie and Boone x

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