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Outstanding views with lush landscaping enjoyed from all our beautiful rustic shoreline and waterfront homes with large decks / patios and lots of space. Each located on private parcels with complete privacy, high quality security and audio/media perms. Many homes are unique designs.
Once a resident at Soul2Soul you can transfer to another home across the regions.
Not only do you have full use of the whole region, you also have rezzing rights across all regions.  

Weekly rates range from L$595 – L$3195 (more information can also be found at every region’s landing point).

Kindly contact Minnie Atlass or Boone Blanco inworld for more information.

Take a visit to experience these lush scenic regions, set in beautiful romantic photogenic temperate environments with freedom to enjoy your Second life.

That’s Soul2Soul!

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With freedom to enjoy your Second Life®️, that’s Soul2Soul!