Cambridge Collection at Shiny Shabby Event

Our new release for Shiny Shabby event from 20th January to the 15th February 2022.

After the event at the Soul2Soul Mainstore.

The Cambridge Collection blends reclaimed industrial design with oodles of vintage charm all combined for contemporary styling.
The Chests of Drawers once used by merchants or for crafts, blends old wood and metal, together witha salvaged Penny Farthing cycle, old Books, Ginger Jar & Candles, plus Lights recycled with reclaimed rope.
A set of three potted Plants completes the collection.
12 items 1-6li each

The Chests of Drawers, Lights, Candles & Penny Farthing metals and Plant Pots have a texture options menu.
The Lights have a menu-driven light system with on/off/intensity options.

Handcrafted mesh. Mod | Copy

Can be bought as a Collection for a discount or individual packs.

Hope you like 🙂 Minnie ♥︎

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