HNY! Review of 2021

Well 2021 in SL has been an interesting year after the boom of 2020 due to Covid. We’ve settled back into a fairly normal SLness which has had its challenges and high points.

Early in the year I landscaped 2 private regions which of course had its usual demands when you wish to have artistic integrity. In the end I was very pleased with the outcome.

Throughout the year we have been re-structuring across the Soul2soul regions, re-locating 2 regions lock-stock-and barrel, which all went very smoothly.

We also re-designed the River, completely transformed to a double region, been wanting to do it for a while and procrastinated for far too long. The old River was much loved by everyone, but it was created early 2018 and every time I tped there I cringed, so it had to be redesigned. I have a masters in Art & Design and been working in design for years and one of the things you need to be able to do, is cull something for it to be reborn! I’m really pleased with the new River. The long-term tenants at the River came along for the ride, I love you all!

I have to chuckle when some sim reviewers won’t review rental regions because its a commercial thing, when they’re quite happy to review a commercial landscaper’s work, go figure!

I’ve continued to expand the mainstore and add a new release every month after showcasing at events. Relocated to a full sim several weeks ago for more scope. Increased our blogger team to 20 and now have excruciatingly talented bloggers that have been hand-picked for their own artistic integrity. We thank you all for your hard work, you are all bright shiny Stars!

So much love to all the photographers, bloggers and vloggers that contribute to the pool of Soul2Soul artefacts.

Boone at my side and much more to come in 2022!!

Minnie 💕

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  1. Busy little bees you and Boone! A very happy new year to you both! 💕

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