Honey Dreams Set @ Cosmopolitan

New release coming to Cosmopolitan Event 21st March

The Honey Dreams Set offers a pastel palette combining Scandi with Boho Design for contemporary styling with a fresh vintage twist.
Soft cotton upholstered armchairs and pouf with a chunky arm knitted throw and accent cushions. Two styles of wooden fretwork cabinets.

Handpicked tulips in a worn out vase and an old white metal birdcage, tall pampas grasses in wine jars with vintage leaning mirrors with beautiful patina, together with a bit of my original art completes the set.

10 items 1li-6li each

The Armchairs and Pouf has many cuddles and singles bento animations. The Throws and Accent Cushions have a choice of texture options.

Handcrafted mesh. Mod | Copy

Hope you like 🙂 Minnie ♥︎

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