Seville Set at The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event

Our new release for The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event from 18th April to the 10th May 2021.

After the event at the Soul2Soul Mainstore.

Soul2Soul. Seville Set.
Includes Seville Rattan Chair with and without the Cushion 5li and 6li, with Bento singles animations. Seville Tassle Cushion 1li has many fabric colour options and is included as a separate item!

Seville Coffee Table at 2li and Seville Monstera Plant 2li, Seville Leaf Vase 1li and Seville Newspaper 1li.

Handcrafted mesh. Mod | Copy

Hope you like 🙂 Minnie ♥︎

Soul2Soul Architecture & Decor

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