Soul2Soul @ Florence Bay

You may remember about 18 months ago I was commissioned to landscape and design a homestead region for clients Gnaaah and Tom called Florence Bay. Unexpectedly a few days ago they informed us they were going to let Florence Bay go. We know how much affection the region holds for its visitors and photographers and we just couldn’t see it disappear into the ether.

Florence2 flickr

Once terms were discussed we agreed  to take Florence Bay into the Soul2Soul Portfolio of regions. After updates and inclusion in the new design of a few rental homes, Florence Bay will open its doors again!

Don’t worry the main design elements i created will still be there, such as the horse-shoe cove, the natural driftwood jetty to the lighthouse and the north pacific coast landscape; rugged untamed beauty!

Florence1 flickr

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    How Beautiful!!!! what an escape. I am sharing this here for myself and you! –AmandaMagick


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