Soul2Soul River


All our unique homes at Soul2Soul River are each located on private parcels with complete privacy. Audio/media perms and high quality parcel-wide security, and use of the whole beautifully landscaped region. (Full rental info can be found at each region’s landing point. More prims available on request for L$100 per 25li.) The land impact listed is your allocation to use!

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River Cottage. L$595 p/w 150 li. Occupied.
Keepers Folly. L$795 p/w 200 li. Occupied.
River View. L$895 p/w 225 li. Occupied.
Otters Hollow. L$895 p/w 225 li. Occupied.
Woodmans Rest. L$895 p/w 225 li. Occupied.
Willow Lodge. L$895 p/w 225 li. Occupied.
Hilltop. L$895 p/w 225 li. Occupied.
White Gables. L$995 p/w 250 li. Occupied.
Northern Air. L$995 p/w 250 li Occupied.

The homes listed below have all of the above, plus beautiful interior and outdoor deco and in a premium location.

Henley House L$1295 p/w (200 li) 50 li.  Occupied.

Updated 18th May 2019

With freedom to enjoy your Second Life®️, that’s Soul2Soul!