Soul2Soul Falls


All our homes at Soul2Soul Falls are each located on private parcels with complete privacy. Audio/media perms and high quality parcel-wide security, and use of the whole beautifully landscaped region.  (Full rental info can be found at each region’s landing point.)

Some homes are unfurnished and some have beautiful interior and outdoor decor and in a premium location, this can be removed for long term tenants (4 weeks or more). More prims available on request for L$100 per 25li.  The land impact listed is your allocation to use!

Soul2Soul Falls.  Visit

House Name Price li with Deco
li To use Availability Location
Tall Trees L$895 p/w. 150 li 10 li. Occupied.
Azur Sky. L$895 p/w 225 li. Occupied.
Firtree Ridge. L$995 p/w 250 li. Occupied.
On Rocks. L$995 p/w 250 li. Occupied.
West Winds. L$995 p/w 250 li. Occupied.
Crystal Waters. L$995 p/w 250 li. Occupied.
Dream View. L$995 p/w 250 li. Occupied.
Waterside. L$995 p/w 175 li 37 li. Occupied.
High Peak. L$1295 p/w 250li. 50 li. Occupied.
FairView. L$1495 p/w 300 li 81 li. Available. To view.
Cliff Edge. L$1495 p/w 300 li 109 li Occupied.
Stoney Lodge. L$1595 p/w 325 li 125 li Occupied.

Updated 6th August 2020

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