Soul2SoulSL new region WIP

Just a peek at our new Soul2Soul region that we’re currently creating!! There will be a handful of exclusive rental homes, and the Soul2Soul inworld group (free to join) will have early access.. Opening very soon..

Soul2Soul Falls at fall

Soul2Soul Falls has turned autumn! With all its rich umber colours, i love this season.. Soul2Soul Falls is inspired by Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Visit here.

Windows to the Soul Gallery

Boone suggested putting a gallery together on Flickr that showcases some of the wonderful and talented photographers that have captured regions landscaped and designed by us. I wasn’t sure as i’m quite an unassuming person really. I’m glad i did it though! I see the virtual landscapes we create as Art (I have an Arts…

Scoops of Blogs

We were blown over when Annie Brighstar sent us a link to her collation of Second Life Destinations blog scoops featuring regions designed and created by us! View here. Annie does a fabulous blog bringing us news of places to explore in Secondlife! You can see her Second life Destinations blog here.

Sim review of Florence Bay

We were pleasantly surprised that Real Virtual (authored by Maddy Gynoid and the sim tipped by Annie Brightstar) reviewed Florence Bay.  A commission for a homestead design and landscape that I created for my client’s home earlier this year in April. Read the Review here.  

Soul2Soul SL Residential, Landscapes, Architecture & Deco

We own and manage photo-realistic bespoke themed regions in Second Life®️ with quality private residential homes, since 2017. We offer fresh and unique Architectural & Deco designs created with 100% mesh. Our highly successful Landscaping & Design service offers unique quality built environments, lovingly crafted to create the client’s dreams!

Soul2Soul River turns Autumn!

Soul2Soul River has turned Autumn, with all its rich warm colours of the ‘turning leaf’ before the winter sets in. Visit here

Eclipse Magazine feature on Achill!

We are delighted that Eclipse Magazine for their September issue has featured Achill Island for this month’s Wayfarer. pages 176 -194 Read Eclipse Magazine Here

Eclipse Magazine feature on Soul2Soul River!

We are so delighted and surprised that Eclipse Magazine for their August issue has featured Soul2Soul River for this month’s Wayfarer. pages 176 -193 Read Eclipse Magazine here  

Achill Island now open!

A commission i’ve just finished to create Achill Island off the west coast of Ireland, for my client’s full homestead sim home. It’s also freely open to bloggers and photographers to take pics.  Visit here.

Capture Photography Exhibition August’18 at Soul2Soul Bay

View Here Soul2Soul Bay was 1 year old yesterday and to celebrate we decided for this month’s inworld exhibition to feature a retrospective of photos taken at the Bay and submitted to the Soul2Soul in Second Life flickr group. This month, August 2018 located at the Anchor Inn, Soul2Soul Bay. So many high quality photos…