Springtime at Soul2Soul River

Well, it took me a little longer than expected to finalise the updates and seasonal change at the River. There’s still one area to finish as we continue with a few updates across all the regions over the next few months inbetween other projects. Visit here

A look back at 2018 for Soul2Soul

Well, we started the year with a new region in January, Soul2Soul River, inspired by the River Thames Valley and a little village called Cookham which is very familiar to me (one visitor did guess correctly! :). I was then invited by Chelsea to create the French countryside for her private quarter sim home and…

Junbug mainstore region landscape

Landscape design for Junbug Mainstore sim.  Loosely inspired by Monet’s Giverny garden. Visit here. I was approached by Juno the owner and designer for Junbug,  to re-design her mainstore sim around the existing store building.  With all my other landscape commitments and RL recently it took a while to get around to starting it. Luckily…

Soul2Soul Architecture – St. Kilda Lodge. Out now!!

Soul2Soul Architecture – St. Kilda Lodge. Out now!! View here… 100% mesh, 53li, mod | trans.. I thought i’d take my first meander into house building. We’ve been asked so many times if we sell the houses on the regions, and because i created all the mesh homes on the latest region from scratch, we…

Snowfall at Soul2Soul River

Soul2Soul River has become chilly and enveloped in snowfall! Don’t forget your woolly jumper! x Visit here   Christmas deco will be added as we near the festive season.

Soul2Soul Highlands open!

Our latest Soul2Soul region. An enchanting Isle inspired by the landscape of the Inner Hebrides islands basking off the Western coast of Scotland and the charming Isle of Skye. With 5 uniquely custom built exclusive private rental homes. Visit here. This region was a month in development, with custom textures for the ground terrain, custom…

Soul2SoulSL new region WIP

Just a peek at our new Soul2Soul region that we’re currently creating!! There will be a handful of exclusive rental homes, and the Soul2Soul inworld group (free to join) will have early access.. Opening very soon..

Soul2Soul Falls at fall

Soul2Soul Falls has turned autumn! With all its rich umber colours, i love this season.. Soul2Soul Falls is inspired by Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Visit here.

Windows to the Soul Gallery

Boone suggested putting a gallery together on Flickr that showcases some of the wonderful and talented photographers that have captured regions landscaped and designed by us. I wasn’t sure as i’m quite an unassuming person really. I’m glad i did it though! I see the virtual landscapes we create as Art (I have an Arts…

Scoops of Blogs

We were blown over when Annie Brighstar sent us a link to her collation of Second Life Destinations blog scoops featuring regions designed and created by us! View here. Annie does a fabulous blog bringing us news of places to explore in Secondlife! You can see her Second life Destinations blog here.