Soul2SoulSL New Region WIP

Just a peek at our new Soul2Soul region that we’re currently creating!! There will be just 4 exclusive rental homes, and the Soul2Soul inworld group (free to join) will have early access.. Opening very soon..

New Little Branch Mainstore WIP

I’ve been rebuilding the Little Branch mainstore full region for quite awhile now. Five months in the making, sustaining a fractured leg and other RL stuff later, 😉 and not to mention a very understanding client, it will be opening very soon. I built and landscaped the original LB mainstore region two years ago this…

Florence Bay’s Springtime

I’ve just season changed Florence Bay to spring/summer after its long winter freeze. Rather like the real weather in North American / Canada! For region holders and home of Gnaaah, Tom and Kylie. Open for photographers and visitors.  Visit here Florence Bay Flickr group

Originalia. Open for a limited time!

Originalia region is open to freely Visit and Explore for a limited time. (closed now) Commission to create a Bali scheme, full design and landscape for my client’s full region home, which was completed last June 2018. Please add your pics to the Originalia flickr group!  

Henley Boathouse

I’ve been building again, can’t seem to stop, I think its in my blood, my father was an engineer and builder… We’ve introduced two new builds to the River rentals and some more in production. You know i like to keep a sense of place in my designs to have integrity, so i had a…

Springtime at Soul2Soul River

Well, it took me a little longer than expected to finalise the updates and seasonal change at the River. There’s still one area to finish as we continue with a few updates across all the regions over the next few months inbetween other projects. Visit here

A look back at 2018 for Soul2Soul

Well, we started the year with a new region in January, Soul2Soul River, inspired by the River Thames Valley and a little village called Cookham which is very familiar to me (one visitor did guess correctly! :). I was then invited by Chelsea to create the French countryside for her private quarter sim home and…