Tuscan Fireplace set at The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event

Our new release for The Liaison Collaborative (TLC) event from 3rd November 2020 3pm slt to the 26th.

After the event at the Soul2Soul Mainstore.

Soul2Soul. Tuscan Fireplace – Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Fireplace 5li
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Fireplace w/wall 5li
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Fireplace w/wall extender 5li

Soul2Soul. Tuscan Mirror – Fatpack 1li
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Leaning Art – Fatpack 2li
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Candles 2li each

The fire and sound is on/off on touch.
The fireplace chamber and hearth have a texture options menu and the wall is tintable. The Fireplace w/wall extension version can be adjusted for different ceiling heights.
The mirror and leaning art have a texture options menu.

Handcrafted mesh. Mod | Copy

Buy as a complete set for a discount or individual packs.

Hope you like 🙂 Minnie ♥︎


Soul2Soul Architecture & Decor

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