Soul2Soul Mediterranean now open!

Nestled in the Italian Riviera coastline lies Portofino originally a fishing village with its small cobbled square overlooking its picturesque harbour with panoramic views. These days it’s home to celebrities and artists.

Inspired by this area is a stunning public double region, with limited private rental homes many custom built snuggled into the hillside. Visit here.

There’s many areas to sit and relax, the village streets and square with its bijou cafes, or stroll around the yacht-lined harbour, or find a peaceful spot on the beaches. So strut your stuff in your best designer attire, take some pics, and watch the world go by!


I’ve been lucky enough to visit Italy a few times and just love it!

We have been in the process of creating this region for 2 months! We closed Soul2Soul Med about a month ago, with a view to replacing it with this new region. I’ve built all the townhouses in blender and constructed the majority of rental homes, i’ve also custom made ground textures, paths and flowers, its been a tiring journey, but the end result is worth it!


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