Crazy Summer Days!

The reception for our latest Second Life region Soul2Soul Coast has been overwhelming! We’re equally delighted in its popularity and humbled by everyone’s compliments. So very pleased everyone is enjoying its free to access public areas.

Visit here



Some wonderful reviews of Soul2Soul Coast by Maddy Gynoid and Susann Decuir and over 200 stunning pictures taken already, many added to the Soul2Soul Flickr group.

We like to keep our eye on stats when we open a new region as it gives us an insight into what our visitors enjoy. Or if you’re just a maths nerd like me, well, a hybrid.. that strange mix of Arts & Tech šŸ™‚

In the first 10 days the region had 3423 visits thats an average of 342 daily, and really pleased about the number of unique visitors being just shy of 1000, and for 2 evenings the region was full.. :)) crazy!

visitors stats

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