A look back at 2018 for Soul2Soul

Well, we started the year with a new region in January, Soul2Soul River, inspired by the River Thames Valley and a little village called Cookham which is very familiar to me (one visitor did guess correctly! :).

I was then invited by Chelsea to create the French countryside for her private quarter sim home and then built a Louisiana Plantation home together with swamp for her partner.  Inbetween this another french inspired parcel was completed which included the client’s home together with a couple of shops.


By April i was creating Florence Bay for Gnaaah and Tom’s home a full homestead region based upon the North American Pacific Coast, although a home environment, it’s also open to the public to visit.

In May, Chelsea messaged me again to extend her quarter sim landscape to a half sim with a delapidated village and riding tracks.


It was sweltering in England this summer and during this time we created the Soul2Soul Med region, inspired by the Mediterranean villages and coastline of the Cote D’azur, Northern Italy and North Majorca. Also Soul2Soul Falls region reflecting the cascading waterfalls, terraced lakes and shores of Plitvice in Croatia.

Amase, who owns a full private home region wanted her 10 year old sim re-creating with a Bali scheme with long beach. Straight after this Cinna was thrilled with her quarter private home region i created based around a rugged Devon landscape.

In July, Gracey and Ziggy asked me to create a homestead region home with beach and cliffs, which would be open to bloggers and photographers. I noticed their group was named Achill, so set about visualising the Western Ireland Coastal Island.

Soul2Soul Bay had it’s 3rd iteration since opening in 2017 during the late summer.

The owner of Little Branch, Cari, then asked me to design and build an event space at the LB full region mainstore which i had landscaped and built the previous year.

Rounding off the year along with seasonal changes for the River, the Falls and Florence Bay, and creating our first house to purchase, we visioned the now popular Soul2Soul Highlands! Inspired by the landscape of the Inner Hebrides islands basking off the Western coast of Scotland and the charming Isle of Skye.

In early December I completed  a mainstore region for Juno the owner of Junbug Fashion loosely inspired by Monet’s Giverny garden.

All in all an exciting, hectic and whirlwind of a year with many laughs, some swearing, tiredness, sadness in RL early autumn, but most of all an unforgettable and truly wonderful 2018! Our many thanks to all the photographers and bloggers, my clients and our tenants without whom we couldn’t have achieved all this!  and of course my Booney!!

Love and huggzz, here’s to a fabulous 2019!!

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