New Little Branch Mainstore WIP

I’ve been rebuilding the Little Branch mainstore full region for quite awhile now. Five months in the making, sustaining a fractured leg and other RL stuff later, 😉 and not to mention a very understanding client, it will be opening very soon.

I built and landscaped the original LB mainstore region two years ago this autumn, however the owner, Cari McKeenan needed 500 products to be displayed! A challenge in its self!


My client wanted a garden-centre inspired design, so I set about creating a modernist landscape with numerous tree and plant display areas (built by myself in 3D software) from where customers can see and purchase their favourite flora. The majority I integrated three geodesic domes into the design with very different themed show environments inside each one surrounded by natural landscaping. My influences were the Eden project in Cornwall, UK, water mazes and modernist landscape architecture.


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